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Masanori Aoyagi

Masanori Aoyagi

Masanori Aoyagi (Director, National Museum of Western Art; Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

Archaeologist of Ancient Greece and Rome. Ph.D. in Literature.

1967 Graduated from the Department of Art History, the University of Tokyo.
1969-1972 Studied art history and archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome in the University of Rome.
Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, then Chair, Dean, and finally Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tokyo before becoming the Director of the National Museum of Western Art.

Excavated Roman villas in 1974-78, 1980-86, 1992-2003, and 2002 on.
Also interested in Pompeian murals and ancient Roman cities, and authored many books. Awarded “Porto Empedocle,” “Sebetia-Ter,” etc.

Scientific Director of our series “Pompeii”.


Pompei. Il Foro Civile

Pompei. La Casa di Marco Fabio Rufo

Pompei. Insula Occidentalis

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